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Magyar Relaxációs és Szimbólumterápiás Egyesület (MRSzE), VII. Országjáró Konferencia - Hungarian Association of Relaxation and Symboltherapy, VII National Conference

Befogadó Figyelem a Relaxációs- és Szimbólumterápiákban - Inclusive Attention in Relaxation and Symboltherapies

The MRSzE, a Society Member of ISATAP, hold its National Conference in Budapest the30th September 2017.

The main themes of the Congress were Passive Concentration, Passive Acceptance, and inclusive Attention, key concepts of Autogenic Training.


  Magda Luis Pixel    Eva Luis Pixel 

Dr Szönyi Magda and Dr Luis de Rivera                  Dr Szombathelyi Éva presenting the book with the Proceedings of the MRSzE VI International Congress (Budapest, 2015)


Pap Magda Luis Johana Pixel

Pap Erika, Magda, Luis and Hegyi Johanna



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The International Society for Autogenic Training & Psychotherapy was founded on September 20, 2014 in Madrid, in order to open the autogenic approach to a wider membership.